Capability Mapping

Develop robust training, development and recruitment plans based on service needs

Understanding the collective training and development needs of your clinical and non-clinical teams has never been so easy.

As teams grow, the service needs change and with the introduction of novel roles into the system, understanding the training and development needs has become increasingly complex.

This means that you are often building your training plans and curriculum based on suspicion, speculation and suggestion rather than what your teams need to fulfil their individual and collective potential. Furthermore, you end up recruiting new roles the way you always have rather than based on any robust process or evidence of capability gaps.

SMART’s unique capability mapping function marries up the current skillset and development needs of your workforce with your service and population needs. This means that you can develop meaningful workforce development, training and retention strategies using the competency circle tool, to provide the granularity of workforce by role, by team and organisation. SMART even allows you to compare the capability of different roles, teams, practices and units to inform equitable service delivery and better address health inequalities.

 Best of all, for the first time, you can measure the collective impact of your training and development interventions with the visual shift and improvement in competence from baseline or a defined point in time.