Competency Assessment

Systematically set and assess the bespoke competencies of any clinical and non-clinical role

In line with the NHS long term plan, healthcare is diversifying and growing its workforce in all sectors by introducing innovative and impactful roles to deliver more patient-centred care and increase patient access.

However, the successful optimisation and integration of both novel and established roles depends on the clarity of what the roles can and are expected to deliver safely and competently.

Currently, this is done in a manual and inconsistent way and is dependent entirely on the skills of the line manager, the people development culture and service structure in each organisation. Lack of structured and systematised development support for healthcare professionals leads to confusion, uncertainty, unsafe practices, and poor retention.

The SMART platform is a scalable and customisable framework that sets and assesses the bespoke competencies of any clinical and non-clinical role in line with your service and population needs.

Best of all, the circles of competence provide a collective view of team competence and development needs as a capability map- find out more on capability mapping here