A project-managed approach to focused service delivery

Delivering targets and service priorities can be overwhelming, particularly in such busy and demanding patient-facing services. It’s hard to keep focussed, impossible to think about the stages and steps needed to deliver and you find yourself just trying to run faster on a treadmill to try and deliver more.

Without the visibility of monitoring and reporting of your service, teams can feel lost and like they are always failing. Lack of focus and overwhelm creeps in as does a sense of futility.

SMART provides you with complete visibility of your workforce deliverables and service performance.

SMART keeps teams focussed and aligned by breaking down goals into manageable service milestones and chunking the milestones to enable a project-managed deployment approach with a simplified RAG status. Agreeing and monitoring KPIs on the dashboard means different teams can all measure the same metrics in the same way and provides oversight of service successes and support needed.