Development Planning

Consistent, clear development planning processes that motivate your teams

Irrespective of whether you lead large or small teams, services or organisations, the rapid and frenetic nature of healthcare delivery can make it difficult to provide the bandwidth and structure to support your individual team members to meet their development goals.

Informal 1:1s grow in informality and perpetuate a lack of structure, whilst reliance on manual recording of development discussions can lead to demoralising and inadequate follow-through. Furthermore, the variation and standard of your development processes now revolves around the subjectivity and quality of individual line managers and leaders leading to poor and patchy retention of valuable staff.

SMART takes the inconsistency and variability out of developing and growing your teams by providing a structured framework matching individual competencies with expected skills and highlighting development areas. The systematised and standardised process enables and empowers dialogue, goal-setting and clarity of objectives so staff know what they need to do to be successful.

Through SMART’s formalised and consistent framework, all managers and supervisors can deliver effective and meaningful development meetings that motivate, grow and ultimately retain valuable staff.

Best practice example:  SMART has been commissioned since November 2019 by the national programme for Northern Ireland’s GP Pharmacist workforce of 350 GP Pharmacists by ensuring that all 35 senior GP pharmacist.  This has enabled the team of 35 senior pharmacists across 17 federations to consistently line manage and deliver standardised development plans using the SMART platform ro provide assurance of clinical delivery.