Is your multi-disciplinary team (MDT) equipped to deliver integrated care?

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) provides funding for a wide range of roles to help Primary Care Networks (PCNs) create bespoke MDTs to meet the health and social care needs of their local populations.  However, as ARRS roles continue to expand:


  • Is there a lack of clarity on roles and expectations within your growing MDT?
  • Are you worried about what your expanding MDT can do safely without your support and supervision?
  • Does everyone understand who is the most appropriate healthcare professional that the patient should be seeing?
  • Is this leading to your team members feeling confused and overwhelmed?


What if there was something to help you embed these roles quicker, more safely, and with minimum effort and pain

Do you know how to support your MDT workforce?

With widened expertise in mobilising ARRS roles, the SMART platform provides:


  • Visibility of your MDT workforce at service and practice level


  • A structured framework to help you manage and deploy your MDT and track their progress and success


  • Tools to address equity of service across your member practices


  • A performance and development planning framework which gives both managers and MDT members clarity on what they can work towards, and how to support them

The SMART platform also helps you:


  • Understand and define the competencies for any ARRS role within your MDT


  • Map competence against expectations for each ARRS role, which gives your organisation assurance on what can be delivered safely and competently now


  • Standardise and mobilise your ARRS roles with clear KPIs and milestones meaning you can measure and demonstrate impact on workload and patient care


  • Map the capability of your MDT workforce to identify gaps and address training needs


  • Direct your future recruitment and retention plans to meet your population health and service needs