Help your Clinical Pharmacist Service to work SMART


Soar Beyond already support over 400 pharmacists working in general practice and Primary Care Networks across the UK to better develop, deploy and manage their clinical pharmacist service

The Importance of Setting Up & Mobilising Your Service for Success – facilitated process using the 4D™ Approach


Where are we now?


-Supporting the NHS site to define the extent of the challenge and root cause

-Engage stakeholders whilst defining project scope and process


Where do we want to be & how do we get there?


-Co-designing a vision

-What needs to be put in place? What are our priorities and what actions/steps are needed? Agreeing priority work streams and creating action plans


Delivery planning and implementation


– Support with delivery plans including training and education, pathway     development, data collection, service redesign etc

– Provision of web-based tools and resources for shared learning



– Support with comparison to data from DIAGNOSE/DESIGN phase

– Evaluation of improved outcomes e.g. patient outcomes, clinician satisfaction, improved access etc

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