Northern Ireland SMART

The Northern Ireland Federation Support Unit SMART URL is:


  • It seems some users are still using the old URL (smartni.soarbeyond.co.uk).
  • If you have bookmarked the old URL, please delete the bookmark, visit https://nir.smart-pharmacist.com and add a bookmark for this URL.

Recommended Browsers

The recommended browsers for the best experience using SMART are:

Internet Explorer will soon not even be supported by Microsoft due to its age (released on October 17, 2013) and security vulnerabilities.

Useful things to try

If you still can’t access https://nir.smart-pharmacist.com/, you could try the following things.

Clear your browser cache

Think of cache/caching almost like your browser’s memories. Same as you remember places you’ve visited, so does your browser. If you visit a website with your browser, it will keep a memory/record of it by downloading its images and data

Next time you come back to the same website, the browser will go “ah, I’ve already been here, so here’s a copy of the site I downloaded earlier”.

However, sometimes it can also have negative repercussions, like you not being able to see new content/images recently added to the site or the site simply not loading because it got stuck on a previous error.

This is when “clearing the cache” comes in handy. You’re literally telling the browser to forget about the website, delete its memories (images and content) and load a fresh copy of it.

How to clear your browser’s cache

Test if you can see the site on a phone

  • Before trying to visit the site, please make sure your phone is NOT connected to WiFi. You should be on 3G, 4G or 5G in order to try this.
  • One you have disconnected from WiFi, open your phone’s browser (whichever came with it) and go to https://nir.smart-pharmacist.com on your smartphone.
  • If you can see the SMART Login screen, it means public access is OK – no need for you to log in, we’re just trying to see if it loads at all.
  • If you can’t access it on your computer but you can on your phone, it means there might be an antivirus or firewall in your internal network (your internet connection) blocking access to it.

If none of the above has worked, please let us know via email with details of the error you are receiving (please ensure you’re not connected to WiFi on your phone).

We also recommend contacting your IT so they can investigate why you can’t access https://nir.smart-pharmacist.com.