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Competency Assessment


Listen to Ziad Laklouk talk us through how he managed to overcome the challenge of competency assessment throughout his practices.








Published 27th October 2021

Development planning

Ziad discusses the challenges he has faced as a senior pharmacist in standardising the development planning for the whole team.

Published 3rd November 2021

Customisable KPIs


Ziad is back again to explain to our audience how the SMART workforce platform helps you measure the impact of your MDT workforce.








Published 10th November 2021

Structured Planning

After discussing competency assessment, KPIs, and development planning, Ziad now discusses the importance of structured support.

Published 17th November 2021

Capability Mapping

Ziad discusses how capability mapping can help with your PCN, CCG, or federation’s retention and development planning.

Published 24th November 2021

Resources & Tools

Shiv’s talks us through the Resources & Tools section on the SMART workforce platform and how this would have been beneficial when she was a lead PCN pharmacist.

Published 1st December 2021

‘Accelerator’ Section


Shiv goes through the features of SMART workforce platform’s accelerator section










Published 8th December 2021